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Jacqueline Mister
International Awareness and Involvement Chair

International Awareness and Involvement program has an extensive history of involvement in international issues, including human rights and developing infrastructure. This involvement has led to the participation in projects related to addressing the needs of diverse cultures and global initiatives. As a chapter, we are here to expresses our empathy and committed support for our brothers and sisters around the globe who live in impoverished conditions without adequate nourishment, education, medical treatment and basic sustenance. We continue to observe World AIDS Day, send needed clothes and shoes to Glory House Services (Haiti), and support to the Sorority’s International Awareness and Involvement Sustainability Plan.


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. supports World AIDS Day, observed annually on December 1, as a global initiative. The Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter partners with local organizations in our service area in bringing awareness to AIDS and HIV through community education. Education begins with our youth and LAC addressed the issue of AIDS and HIV awareness among the young ladies of our Delta GEMS/Delta Academy, explaining the universal symbolism of the red ribbon as a show of awareness and support of those living with HIV.


Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter Soror Christina Love, Member of the National Program Planning and Development Committee, International Awareness and Involvement (IAI) Subcommittee participated with the Delta Delegation during a November 2019 IAI Mission Trip to South Africa and Eswatini, with all seven regions represented. Among the project sites visited were the Adelaide Tambo School for the Physically Challenged in Soweto, South Africa and the Delta House at Vashti Village in Mbabane, Eswatini. During the visit to the Delta House, Soror Love presented a monetary donation for $510.00 on behalf of the Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter.

World AIDS Day LAC and DGDA (1).jpg

World AIDS Day with Delta Gems and Delta Academy

Soror Love and DST Natl Prez CEO Smith.j

Christina Love (L)  with  Beverly Smith (R), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. President & CEO, on a mission trip in

South Africa, 2019  

Soror Love presenting IAI check.jpg

Christina Love presenting check at the Delta House in South Africa, 2019 

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