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Dr. Christina Love
Economic Development Chair

The Economic Development Committee was developed to encourage economic development in our communities aligned with National HQ initiatives. Over time the focus has changed, but the current focus is the concept of Financial Fortitude. Economic Education and Development is important year-round, but April is the kick-off for Financial Fortitude Month, also known as Financial Literacy Month.

The Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter has been very active in providing in-person and virtual workshops and hearing from subject matter experts. The Committee also initiated a social media campaign called Financial Focus Friday to provide weekly financial tips and other important educational information. 


The focus of the committee is on 10 components including Goal Setting, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Debt Management, Savings and Investments, Retirement Planning, Homeownership, Insurance, Estate Planning, and Entrepreneurship. The initiative helps members of the chapter spread financial education throughout the community. The committee looks forward to serving and supporting the community. 

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