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Lolita Law
Arts & Letters Co-Chair
Marisa Moore
Arts & Letters Co-Chair

The National Commission of Arts & Letters was established in 1973 by Delta Sigma Theta's 15th National President, Lillian P. Benbow, and co-chaired by renowned Deltas Leontyne Price and Lena Horne. The Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter (LAC) Arts & Letters Committee showcases and promotes the love of all artistic expressions.

 LAC's Arts & Letters Committee, which aligns directly with the National Arts & Letters Commission, collaborates and supports events driven by our Sorority's 5-Point Programmatic Thrust. The committee partners with other local chapters and community organizations, offering many opportunities for enriching experiences in art, music, poetry, movies, and live theater. 

LAC’s Arts & Letters Committee promotes Delta Red Carpet events like "The Woman King" and "Wakanda Forever." Additionally, the committee supports films created and performed by African Americans and other minorities, focusing on positive stories. The committee also supports Delta See Television (DSTv), which showcases African-American works, cable television performances, and films. 

 If you would like more information regarding LAC's Arts and Letters initiatives, please feel free to reach out via

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