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Lolita Law
Arts & Letters Chair

The Leavenworth Alumnae Chapter Arts & Letters Committee showcases and promotes the love of all artistic works – music, dance, drama, visual arts, and poetry. The award-winning Arts & Letters Committee promotes Delta Red Carpet events, Poetry Café & Talent Showcase with our Delta Academy and Delta GEMS program participants, Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser, Sisterhood Month Paint Night, and support to local musicians and entertainers. 


The Arts & Letters Committee hosts, collaborates and supports events driven by our Sorority's 5-Point Programmatic Thrust. Partnering with other local chapters, we have opportunities for enriching experiences in art, music, poetry and movie and live theater. As the trajectory of our climate changed due to COVID-19, restricting our in-person and face-to-face interactions, the Arts & Letters Committee refocused its agenda, restructured the calendar and realigned ourselves to rejoice in the arts from the comfort of our homes. We learned to explore our new normal with new designs, principles and our in-home culture, which manifested a greater appreciation for life, its beauty and innovation.

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